IDF Reservist Officer Calls on Netanyahu to Deploy Troops to Stop Massacres in Syria

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The Algemeiner reports: An IDF reservist officer published an impassioned Facebook post on Thursday calling on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to dispatch a detachment of Israeli soldiers to Syria to end the bloodshed in Aleppo.

“My dear brave brothers and sisters, our father, Abraham, fearlessly joined the war of the kings (Genesis, chapter 14),” Lt. Col. (res.) Erez Eshel — a 47-year-old education professional and right-wing political and social activist — wrote. “Isn’t it time that at least 1000 experienced and well trained officers in reserves come together — officers who command 30-100 soldiers each — and stand outside the government office of [the prime minister], as he sits with members of his cabinet this coming Sunday morning, and declare: ‘Mr. Prime Minister, we are prepared to go to war. Now. In Syria. We are prepared to kill and be killed, in order to stop the massacre of men, women, and children, which is happening as we speak.”

”Cruel people are committing brutal murder under the Assad regime,” Eshel continued. “Less than 80 years ago our grandfathers and grandmothers prayed and cried out for a nation that would be willing to risk its life in order to save them. They prayed for an army that would be brave and moral enough to fight, kill and be killed, in order to stop the Nazi oppressor. There was no such nation.”

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