PLO Spokesman: Alternative to Two-State Solution is ‘Painful Bloodshed’


The Jerusalem Post reports: As the Arab world and the Palestinian Authority have derided US President Donald Trump’s lack of adoption of the two-state solution as the sole prospect for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. A representative of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) said on Thursday that “the alternative to a two-state solution is painful bloodshed.”

“This will not lead to the disappearance of a Palestinian state, and will not lead to the crushing of the prospect of a Palestinian state,” PLO spokesman Nasser al-Kidwa said at a press conferences in Ramallah.

The PLO official equated rejection of the two-state solution with the outright rejection of the peace process in general. Meanwhile, Hamas accused the US policy shift as representing the new White House administration’s disregard for the Palestinians, and called for the Palestinians to unite in the “struggle” against the “challenges facing them.”

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