Islamists Celebrate Erdogan’s Victory In Referendum For Expanded Powers

AP/Burhan Ozbilici

Islamists around the Arab world celebrated Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory Sunday in a referendum to give the head of state expanded powers.

The referendum to go forward with executive presidency won with 51.4% voting in favor.

Khaled Mashal, head of Hamas’ politburo in Gaza, spoke with President Erdogan by phone and congratulated him several hours after polling stations closed. A website belonging to Hamas reported that Mashal “wished Turkey and the Turkish people and their leaders continued success, progress and prosperity.”

Islamists and their supporters also celebrated the victory on social media, with many expressing hope that the successful referendum would result in increased support from Erdogan for the opposition in Syria, currently battling the government forces of President Bashar Assad.

Abou Baker, a senior Syrian jihadist and commander of the Mujahadeen Army militia fighting Assad in Syria, wrote, “This is a divine reward for Erdogan’s good actions. Allah helped the good man Erdogan, guided his hand, supported him, strengthened his hands and granted him all the best.”

An Islamist activist known as Ahmad Abu Farha wrote, “The Caliphs were taken from us gradually and they will only return to us gradually, according to Allah’s plan. The human mosquitos won’t be able to delay it or interfere.”

Yasser Zaatreh, a journalist and Islamist in Jordan, wrote, “The strengthening of Erdogan in these delicate times is very important for the maintenance of Turkey’s power both on a regional and international level. At times like this, courage and wisdom are needed along with a lot of reason.”

Islamist journalist and author Muhamad Alshinqiti wrote, “Secularism in Turkey has been defeated by democracy – as it soon will be in the Arab countries.”

Syrian jihadist Abou Rayan Almaasada wrote, “Today the Turks put an end to secularism. The legal changes put an end to what was left of the age of Ataturk and summon in a new age, or more correctly, an old age renewed. God guided their hands.”

Another social media user, Anwar Alsaadi wrote, “The Sultan did this. Congratulations to Turkey which has been granted its Sultan.”


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