EXCLUSIVE – Gaza Jihadist: World Entering ‘New Age of Conflict’ With Islamic State


The West is “entering a new age of conflict” with the Islamic State and the terrorist group will also not hesitate to continue acting against Arab countries, Abu Abdullah Almuhajer, a jihadist currently living in the Gaza Strip, claimed in an interview.

Almuhajer is a senior jihadist in Ansar Bait al-Maqdis, a group that operates under the umbrella of the Islamic State’s franchise in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.

“The West should know that it’s entering a new age of conflict with the fighters of the Islamic State,” claimed Almuhajer. “The Islamic State is in an open-ended offensive against the countries of infidels that are a part of the international coalition led by America and against Russia and its allies, and the attacks – like lone-wolf attacks – will increase dramatically in the coming period of time.”

According to Almuhajer, “All those involved in terrorizing Muslims and who are against the Islamic State should expect our fighters to respond with full force. The attacks in France, Belgium, America, Germany and the last attack in Syria against intelligence headquarters are only a small part of what our fighting Mujahedeen are planning against the infidel countries that are participating in the fight against our brothers in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sinai and other countries around the world.”

Almuhajer added, “America and the infidel countries won’t enjoy security as long as the Muslims in their countries don’t enjoy security and peace.”

But Almuhajer said Western countries won’t be the only ones to suffer attacks from the forces of the Islamic State. “We will continue against the traitorous and infidel regimes in Arab and Muslim countries. Without these regimes, it would be much more difficult for the crusaders to conduct the war they are waging against Muslims and against the Islamic State.”

According to Almuhajer, “We are in the midst of a campaign that will be very long. We follow the media in the West that exaggerates the harm the crusader coalition is doing to our fighters and our leaders. These hits only make us stronger and we do not doubt our faith. Allah is by our side. Justice, which is the name of names of Allah, is on our side and we have no doubt that in the end, our campaign will be victorious.”

He added, “The proof that we are not afraid and are sure of our victory is that every time that the crusader enemy’s planes don’t back up the infidel Iraqi and Shi’ite forces, or of the infidel PKK, they all feel the strength of our mujahedeen and every time the planes disappear from the skies our mujahedeen move quickly from defense to offense and return their control to points and areas that they lost, and that proves that in the absence of a backbone, and especially in the absence of American air cover, this enemy is incapable of handling our fighters.”

Almuhajer continued, “The fact that the offensive in Mosul is entering its seventh month demonstrates the fighting spirit of the mujahedeen. In turn, their fighting spirit shows the support of Allah who helps them face the armies of the strongest countries in the world and these countries are going to pay a price, a heavy price. These countries will meet the lone wolf supporters of the Islamic State and they will meet our squads while the hearts of Europe and America quiver. America and its allies opened the gates of hell against themselves. They also don’t understand that Allah said that these countries would fight against the Muslims in the Levant (Syria), that their grave would begin there and the liberation of Rome and the entire world would begin there.”


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