Iran-Backed Palestinian Jihadist Factions Condemn Terrorist Attacks in Tehran

An undercover Iranian policeman (L) holds a weapon outside the Iranian parliament in the capital Tehran on June 7, 2017 during an attack on the complex. The Islamic State group claimed its first attacks in Iran as gunmen and suicide bombers killed at least five people in twin assaults on …

TEL AVIV — Palestinian organizations, almost all of whom are recipients of Iranian financial support, were quick to condemn the attacks in the capital of Tehran on Wednesday.

Hamas said in an official statement that it condemns “the terrorist attack that occurred today in Tehran and injured parliamentarians and Iranian symbols.”

Hamas also said that, “Our Palestinian nation expects the Islamic and Arab peoples will enjoy security and stability and all efforts must be united in order to deal with the main enemy of the people, which is the Zionist entity.”

The Iran-backed Islamic Jihad movement, considered particularly close to the Iranian regime, harshly condemned “the terrorist attack at Iranian parliament and at the grave of the Imam Khomeini that led to the death of innocents.”

In a statement, the organization said, “These crimes that harmed the Islamic Iranian Republic tried to harm its status as a supporter and member of the opposition to terror. We send our condolences and express our solidarity with the Iranian Republic, with its leadership and the Iranian people.”

The Alsabereen militia, a Shi’ite group founded by the Revolutionary Guards through a group of defectors from Islamic Jihad, adopted the Iranian version of events and accused Saudi Arabia of being behind the attacks.   This despite IS offificlaly claiming responsibility.

A statement from the organization read, “The threats from Saudi Defense Minister Mohammad bin Salman translate into terrorist acts in the region. The threats of bringing the war inside Iran were realized today by the attacks that ISIS claimed responsibility for in the Iranian capital, which hosted the resistance. The attacks happened at the Islamic Republic’s parliament, which only a few months ago hosted a large key conference to support an Intifada of the Palestinian people.”

 The Popular Resistance Committees organization also condemned the attacks in Iran and called for the “unification of (Arab) peoples to deal with the main enemy to all of us, the Zionist occupation.”

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine condemned the attacks and claimed in a statement that the Riyadh summit, attended by U.S. President Donald Trump and Arab leaders, encouraged the attacks.

“The terrorist attacks came in the shadow of a hostile atmosphere encouraged by the Riyadh summit. The summit created an appropriate environment and encouraged the terrorist forces to launch dark terror inside Iran with the intention of turning the conflict in the region into a sectarian conflict instead of focusing on the central contradiction that is with the Zionist entity that is the enemy of the Arab and Islamic nation.”

From the other side, however, Gazan jihadist Abou Baker Almaqdesi told Breitbart Jerusalem that Iran “must taste from the glass it has been serving the Sunni world for the last five years.”

He continued:  “The Iranians were mistaken if they thought that they would enjoy security forever despite the circle of blood they perpetrated in Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Our brothers in the leadership made a decision to punish Iran and the attack yesterday won’t be the last.

“We expect the Shi’ites to apologize for their historic sin and to return to true Islam, that of our prophet Muhammad, of prayer and peace. Otherwise they will continue to taste the revenge attacks of our brothers. When the Shi’ite militias rape women … and massacre innocent Muslims, it was only a matter of time before our brothers responded and it was a success thanks to Allah, may his name be blessed, and with Allah’s help, this won’t be the last response against the Shi’ite infidels within Iran.”


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