WATCH: Israeli Man Survives Near-Lynch By Palestinian Rioters

israeli man attacked

TEL AVIV – An Israeli man barely escaped with his life when a Palestinian mob attempted to lynch him as he drove through the West Bank on Sunday. 

Masked Palestinian rioters, who had just emerged from a funeral for a terrorist killed while carrying out a stabbing attack, set up a roadblock to attack passing Israelis. The rioters were armed with large construction bricks.

The Israeli victim, identified as Valerie, told Channel 2, “They smelled me a kilometer away. They had set up a roadblock there, it was impossible to pass.” He added that even Palestinian cars were stopped so the attackers could check if they were carrying Israelis.

“I immediately pulled out my gun and cocked it, so they would see I was armed, but that didn’t stop them at all,” he said.

Valerie, a resident of the nearby community of Tekoa, managed to escape after firing a round in the air.

Watch footage of the incident below in Hebrew. The incident starts at 0:50 minutes.


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