Nolte: Stephen Colbert Leads Social Justice Mob Against Kanye West

Stephen Colbert’s Wednesday night attack on Kanye West’s sanity, followed by the late night host’s demand that the rap superstar stop praising Trump, might have been wrapped in humor, but these tactics are as old as the Democrat Party itself. 


Black Lives Matter Mob Threatens Fox News Reporter

A mob of Black Lives Matter demonstrators berated and threatened a Fox News reporter in St. St. Paul, Minn., when the reporter asked the protestors why they were blocking a highway on July 9.


Gay Hispanic Republican: Anti-Trump Thugs Broke My Nose

Juan Hernandez, a gay Hispanic Republican from Santa Clara, California, has penned an op-ed in the Washington Post in which he described how he and a friend were brutally beaten by anti-Donald Trump thugs last week in San Jose.

Juan Hernandez (Facebook)

Shots Fired, Drug Busts Made as 900 Black Teens Storm FL Mall

The events of Saturday night came as a surprise to the police and law-abiding citizens of Ocoee, Florida, as a horde of some 900 black teenagers — including even middle-school students — rushed the movie theater at the West Oaks Mall.