Israeli Policeman Injured in Terrorist Attack Two Days After Hiker Murder

Another terrorist attack occurred in Israel only a day after family and friends laid to rest engineering student Danny Gonen, 25, on Saturday night after he died from wounds he suffered in a terrorist shooting.
A Palestinian man, aged 18, stabbed and seriously injured an Israeli policeman at the entrance of Jerusalem’s Old City. The policeman managed to shoot and injure his attacker.

Palestinian terror attacks

World Blasts Ukraine for Honoring Nazi Collaborators in New Laws

The Ukrainian government is under fire after President Petro Poroshenko signed a bill that bans all Communism and Nazi symbols. He also signed a law that honors and recognizes militias that worked with the Germans in World War II. The United States Holocaust Museum lashed out at the decision.

AP Photo/Sergei Chuzavkov

The Deafening Silence of American Jewry in Defense of Israel

Hoping to revive the sagging spirits of America’s dwindling pro-Israel Jewish community, pro-Israel icon William Kristol tries to reassure Weekly Standard readers this week that Jimmy Carter issued anti-Israel threats similar to those now made by President Obama, only to see American Jews and Israel emerge stronger.


Netanyahu Speech Stirs Anti-Israel Hate on Twitter

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress about the dangers Israel will face if Iran is allowed to build nuclear weapons this morning. The majority of tweets on social media were positive, but many took the opportunity to call Netanyahu a “terrorist” and condemn the existence of Israel.


American in Munich: Jews Safer in Germany Than US

As deadly anti-Semitism forces Jews to make a mass exodus from France, one fearless man in Munich, Germany, has been donning a kippah for the past two years to show, in his view, that the nation which was home to the most horrific genocide of modern times is now a safe place for Jews–even safer than America.

Sebastian Kahnert/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images