Hezbollah Responds to Israeli War Drill: ‘The Israelis Won’t Succeed in Surprising Us’

GOLAN HEIGHTS - DECEMBER 10: Israeli army paratroopers advance as their brigade completes a week-long live-fire training exercise December 10, 2009 on the Golan Heights. The Israeli Knesset approved yesterday the first readings of a bill that would require a referendum on any withdrawal from sovereign Israeli territory, such as …
David Silverman/Getty

The Jerusalem Post reports: Lebanon did not remain silent following the start of a massive IDF drill simulating a war, with a Hezbollah official threatening that “the Israelis won’t succeed in surprising us.”

Ssenior Hezbollah official taunted Israel on Tuesday, saying that “we are ready for any attack or Israeli stupidity.” The official, who was quoted by several Lebanese media sources but was left unnamed, spoke in reaction to the IDF’s announcement on Monday that it had begun its biggest drill in 20 years, in preparation for a possible war against the terrorist organization.

“We [Hezbollah] are fully alert and ready at any time for any possible scenario,” the official was quoted as saying. He continued, “The Israelis won’t succeed in surprising us, because Israel knows full well [what] Hezbollah’s capabilities are after the loss it suffered in 2006 [in the Second Lebanon War], which deterred the IDF.”

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