Listen – Aaron Klein: Trump Should End Mideast Peace Talks ‘Farce’ Following Unity Deal with Hamas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas speaks to the media with German Chancellor Angela Merkel (not pictured) following talks at the Chancellery on April 19, 2016 in Berlin, Germany. /President-elect Donald Trump looks on as French businessman Bernard Arnault, chief executive officer of LVMH, speak to reporters at Trump Tower, January 9, …
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NEW YORK — Now that the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas terrorist organization have sealed a pact to create a unity government, the Trump administration should immediately halt all attempts to broker an Israeli-Palestinian deal, argued Breitbart Jerusalem chief Aaron Klein.

Referring to the unity government, Klein stated: “The curtains have closed. The show is over. There is no prospect – and there hasn’t been forever, really – but if there ever was there is no prospect or possibility for any peace, so called, with an entity that just signed a unity deal with terrorists.”

Klein was speaking on his Sunday night talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and NewsTalk 990 AM in Philadelphia.

Listen to the audio segment here:

Continued Klein:

Let’s take a step back again and just take this in. Let’s just internalize that in front of the entire world the so-called peace partner just signed a unity deal with a terror group. I mean, this is like… let’s just say somebody that was negotiating with the United States in order to get land from them, let’s say, just created a joint government with let’s say ISIS or with Al-Qaeda. That’s what just happened. The White House needs to pay careful attention.

Klein warned that the PA will probably attempt to “play semantics” in an underhanded bid to continue talks with Israel “and say that Israel is going to negotiate not with the Palestinian National Consensus Government that includes Hamas. Instead it is going to negotiate with the Palestinian Authority, as if there were some sort of difference. As if the Palestinian Authority didn’t just sign a unity deal with the Hamas terrorist organization.”

Klein contended that even before the Hamas-PA unity deal, the Trump administration should not have upheld Abbas’s PA as a “peace partner” since, the Breitbart reporter stated, the PA “itself indoctrinates in violence and supports terrorism against the Jewish state and wants to destroy Israel.”

The reconciliation agreement, signed last Thursday in Cairo, is aimed at creating a new Palestinian unity government.

The text of the deal was leaked to the news media. It calls for the creation of “procedures to enable the National Reconciliation Government (the Palestinian Authority) to fully exercise its functions and carry out its responsibilities in Gaza as it does in the West Bank by December 1, 2017.”

Reuters summarized the deal thusly:

Control of the Gaza border crossings with Israel and Egypt by the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority, which exercises limited self-rule in the occupied West Bank, could allow freer movement of people and goods across the frontier.

And under the agreement, about 3,000 Fatah security officers are to join the Gaza police force, although Hamas would remain the most powerful armed Palestinian faction, with around 25,000 well-equipped militants.

Hamas and Fatah are also debating a potential date for presidential and legislative elections and reforms of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which is in charge of long-stalled peace efforts with Israel.


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