PA Promotes Music Video Calling For Suicide Attacks In Wake Of Trump’s Recognition of Jerusalem

Tehran, IRAN: Iranian women dressed as suicide bombers stand next to a portrait of 19-year

The Palestinian Authority and PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah Party have been airing a music video promoting suicide attacks, a nonprofit monitoring the Palestinian media reported on Wednesday.

A music video recently making the rounds on Palestinian social media contains lyrics saying the Al Aqsa Mosque “is calling” and “life is insignificant … God, grant us Martyrdom.”

“A million grooms and brides … will have written the marriage contract in blood,” the lyrics say, using language directly linked to suicide bombings.

The video featured the photos of two suicide bombers who murdered three Israelis and wounded 128.

The video has been shown on Palestinian television at least twice since U.S. President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on December 6.

The clip was broadcast on Fatah’s Awdah TV at least twice earlier this year as documented by Palestinian Media Watch, a NGO monitoring the Palestinian media.

Now official PA TV has broadcast the song as well.

Suicide attacks were the main method used by terrorists during the 2000-2005 Intifada. The Palestinians’ deputy district governor of Jerusalem, Abdallah Siyam, compared the Trump announcement to the situation during those years. When Jerusalem is threatened, Siyam said, the Palestinians “wage intifada.” Today they are in such a situation, he added, speaking on a PA television morning show.

According to PMW, Siyam also called on Palestinians to engage in “uprisings” in front of US embassies: “[We] need an uprising in front of every US embassy and [to take] a stand that warns [them] that this disregard for the red lines and for Jerusalem is complete disregard for the stability of the region.”


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