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PA Palestinian Authority

Member Of Palestinian Parliament Calls U.S.A. ‘Head Of The Snake’

A member of the Palestinian parliament said the U.S.A. was “the snake’s head” and “the source of racism,” according to a report carried by an official Palestinian Authority radio station shortly after U.S. President Donald announced that the U.S.A. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

US President Donald Trump's first National Security Strategy says China and Russia are 'attempting to erode American security and prosperity'

Hamas: Iran Has Pledged ‘All Capabilities’ To Help Us Fight Israel

TEL AVIV — A top Hamas official said Monday that a senior Iranian official gave him his word that all of Iran’s military might would be available to help the Gaza-based group fight Israel and take over Jerusalem, according to a report in the Times of Israel.

AP Photo/ Khalil Hamra

Hamas Hands Border Crossings to Palestinian Authority

RAFAH – Hamas handed over control of the Gaza Strip’s borders with Egypt and Israel to the Palestinian Authority on Wednesday in the first key test of a landmark Palestinian reconciliation accord agreed last month.

hamas Gaza-Egypt border

Palestinian Schoolbooks ‘More Radical,’ New Report Finds

JERUSALEM, Israel – New Palestinian Authority schoolbooks for the lower grades of elementary school are “significantly more radical” than in the past, a report issued by a Hebrew University research center said.

palestinian school

EU Foreign Policy Chief: European Embassies Will Stay In Tel Aviv

European Union foreign policy czar Federica Mogherini said on Monday that embassies of European countries and of the European Union will remain in Tel Aviv even if US President Donald Trump goes ahead with his plan to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Federica Mogherini