Member Of Palestinian Parliament Calls U.S.A. ‘Head Of The Snake’

US President Donald Trump's first National Security Strategy says China and Russia are 'attempting to erode American security and prosperity'

A member of the Palestinian parliament said the U.S.A. was “the snake’s head” and “the source of racism,” according to a report carried by an official Palestinian Authority radio station shortly after U.S. President Donald announced that the U.S.A. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

MP Jihad Abu Zneid said earlier this month:

We have said in the past and we say today: As usual, the US is the snake’s head. Therefore, this is not something new. The US is the one that plans. The US speaks about democracy, [but] it is the source of racism.

His comments were translated by Palestinian Media Watch, a nonprofit monitoring the Palestinian media.

A member of the Central Committee of Fatah, Abbas Zaki, made similar comments.

“This is a clear declaration that Trump has joined the terror, because the occupation is the highest form of terror… His declaration is worthless, and therefore we must boycott this administration, and have no contact with the snake’s head… One who pins his hopes on the Americans or on the illusion of peace is not a Palestinian,” Zaki said in a clip posted on the YouTube channel of Al-Mayadeen television, a station affiliated with Hezbollah.

Recently, the official Twitter account of the Fatah party also compared Trump to Hitler, saying there was “no difference” between the two.

The phrase “The snake’s head” is often used by Palestinians to refer to Israel. According to PMW, a song containing such a reference appeared in a documentary about Tunisia, and another reference was contained in a song broadcast multiple times on official Palestinian television.

The lyrics of the song that was shown in the program “Tunisia in Palestinian memories” contained the following lyrics: “Oh Palestinians / I want to go and be with you / With fire in my hands / and together with you my hand will strike the snake’s head [Israel].”


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