UK Lawmaker Seeks to Probe Taxpayer Funds Gifted to Palestinian Terrorists

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A powerful UK parliamentary committee is ready to launch an inquiry into the misuse of foreign aid funds that end up supporting Palestinian terrorists and their families.

International development committee chairman Stephen Twigg said he intends to raise the proposal with MPs after he received a letter from a British woman who was butchered and left for dead in a Palestinian terrorist attack. She claims UK aid payments are freeing up money which in turn is being spent on people in prison for terrorism offences and on supporting their families.

According to the Daily Express, Kay Wilson sent the letter, supported by 130 campaigners, after she discovered that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is potentially using British taxpayers’ money to fund the terrorists who attacked her and murdered her friend.

The PA, Miss Wilson noted, was a beneficiary of Britain’s Department for International Development, which provides part of the nearly $700 million the PA receives in foreign aid each year.

The two convicted killers, currently in prison, have received £9,000 each courtesy of these funds, according to reports.

Mr Twigg told the Express: “I received Kay Wilson’s letter and I take its contents very seriously.” He added that this was his own private response and the committee will issue its own once it had been discussed. He continued:

As a committee we generally undertake two major inquiries at a time.

However we do have other opportunities to raise issues with Department for International Development (Dfid) ministers and I will discuss with other committee members how best to do so in this case.

Miss Wilson accuses the Dfid committee of ignoring the issue and ministers of misleading parliament about payments. She described how she and her friend were held for 30 minutes at knifepoint then gagged and bound before being butchered with machetes.

The attack happened in 2010 as Miss Wilson, 52, and her friend were hiking in the Judean Hills. The two were attacked by men who believed both women to be Jewish, although Miss Luken was Christian. After tying the women up, the terrorists launched a savage attack.

Miss Luken died from her stab wounds. Miss Wilson still bears a seven-inch scar on her stomach and, more than seven years on, breathing still causes her pain.

The two attackers belonged to a group allied to Fatah which runs the Palestinian Authority which has since used aid money to pay them while they sit in jail.

After sending the letter, Miss Wilson tweeted her satisfaction that others are reviewing the issue of the misuse of British taxpayer funds.

This is not the first time the use of British taxpayer funds in overseas aid has been questioned.

Millions of pounds-worth of aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) was suspended indefinitely by the UK government in 2016 over concerns that the funds were being diverted from charity work into the pockets of terrorists.

As Breitbart Jerusalem reported, Priti Patel, the International Development Secretary, instructed her department to freeze the payments, a third of the total the UK sends to the PA, pending an investigation.

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