WATCH: Palestinian TV Hails Most Lethal Terrorist In Israeli History As Feminist Icon

JERUSALEM – The head of a Fatah women’s committee for Palestinian universities called “Sisters of Dalal” – named after the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi, who was behind the deaths of 38 Israelis – explained on the Palestinian Authority’s official TV network that the committee was named as such because Mughrabi was a feminist “role model” for Palestinian women.

Madeline Manna told the host of Palestine This Morning earlier this month that the “heroic martyr” Mughrabi was a paragon of female “leadership” who is a source of inspiration for Palestinian women in their ongoing resistance against Israel.

The TV host asked Manna to “recall the self-sacrificing operation” – in other words, the terror attack – “carried out by heroic leader and Martyr Dalal Mughrabi who is considered an example of the Palestinian women’s struggle.”

Manna responded that Mughrabi, as the “commander of 11 men” who carried out the attack, “is a role model, like other heroic female Martyrs in Palestine. We draw willpower and determination from her, and perseverance and [the will to] continue this struggle.”

“We learn leadership from her, and that women always lead,” Manna said according to a translation by monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch.

Known as the Coastal Road Massacre, Mughrabi’s attack took place on March 11, 1978, when she led several other Fatah terrorists and hijacked a bus on Israel’s coastal highway, killing 38 people – including 13 children – and wounding more than 70.

As Breitbart Jerusalem has documented multiple times, Mughrabi has had honors heaped on her over the years, from town squares being named after her to children’s summer camps.


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