Destroyed: IDF Pics Show Targeted Iran Bases in Syria


The Israeli military released a series of images Friday it said showed the extent of damage to Iranian intelligence installations in Syria targeted during a massive aerial bombardment just 24 hours earlier.

The photos show the sites before they were attacked, including installations at Tel Gharba, Tel Kleb, Nabi Yusha and Tel Maqdad, according to the Israel Defense Forces spokesperson’s unit.

All were hit during pre-dawn attacks, as Israeli F-15 and F-16 fighter jets evaded “dozens of missiles” and dropped “many dozens” of bombs on over 50 Iranian targets throughout Syria as the Israel air force carried out an extensive campaign, dubbed “Operation House of Cards,” to try and destroy Iran’s military presence in the country.

Images released by the IDF Israeli on May 11, 2018 showing Iranian intelligence sites in Syria (IDF Spokesperson).

Images released by the IDF show Iranian intelligence sites in Syria (IDF Spokesperson).

The army also published pictures Friday of what it said was an Iranian Quds Force compound in al-Kisweh, south of Damascus, and an “Iranian Logistics Compound” 10 kilometers northwest of the capital.

Image supplied by the IDF shows an Iranian military site in Syria (IDF Spokesperson).

The IDF did not specify exactly the location of the logistics center, but identified warehouses, offices, a gas station and a headquarters in its picture.

An alleged Iranian logistics site in Syria shown before its attack by IDF units (IDF Spokesperson).

An alleged Iranian logistics site in Syria shown before its attack (IDF Spokesperson).

The mission — the largest air campaign carried out by Israel in Syria in over 40 years — was “very successful,” a senior air force officer said Thursday, but warned that Israel believes that Iranian forces in Syria are still in possession of surface-to-surface missiles that could again be fired at Israel.

Iran responded by warning that the strikes had been launched on “invented pretexts”.

“Iran firmly condemns the attacks by the Zionist regime on Syrian territory,” said foreign ministry spokesman Bahram Ghasemi, cited Friday by semi-official news agency ISNA.

“The repeated attacks by the Zionist regime on Syrian territory were carried out under pretexts that were invented by themselves and are without foundation,” he added.

“They are a violation of Syria’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and contrary to international law.”

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