PA TV to Pregnant Palestinians: Your Baby Is a ‘Martyr for Palestine’

child jihadist

JERUSALEM – The Palestinian Authority has managed to turn congratulating pregnant women into an issue of supporting terrorism. The PA’s official television and radio stations have broadcast a song numerous times expressing the wish to expectant mothers that their child will grow up to be “a proud martyr for Palestine.”

The song, which was translated by Israeli monitoring group Palestinian Media Watch, also lauds being sentenced to prison and wielding weapons in the name of “Palestine,” as well as promising the return of Jerusalem, which has been “stolen.”

The full lyrics of the song are as follows:

Our Martyrs are convoys and our bones are mountains

We don’t surrender to the lowly

We aren’t deterred by imprisonment

Palestine is etched on the heart of the fetus

A proud Martyr in his mother’s womb

And the Arab state will remain ours — Arab, Arab Palestine…

We [hold] the rifles to our chests and our eyes are raised to you

Our homes are trenches and our souls are the sacrifice for you

O Jerusalem, you will not remain stolen

The notion of “fetus to martyr” has been used before by the Palestinian leadership. Palestinian terrorist Yasser Hamdouni, who murdered Israeli citizen Avner Maimon in 2009, collapsed while exercising in an Israeli prison in 2016 and later died, prompting PA District Governor of Ramallah Laila Ghannam to comfort his mother on her Facebook page.

The post included a picture of the mother of Hamdouni accompanying PA Security Forces as they carry her son’s body at his funeral. The body is wrapped in a Palestinian flag.

“You carried him in your womb as a fetus to be separated from him as he is raised over your head as a martyr,” Ghannam’s post read.

“How you dreamed of embracing him in peace and security, and God’s decree arrived, and he left the grip of the jailer so that you will accompany him as a groom to Paradise,” she continued.

As PMW notes, Islam deems the funeral of a so-called martyr to be a wedding to the 72 virgins he will receive in Paradise.

PMW also documented a Hamas imam preaching that every Muslim fetus seeks Jihad.

“True foundation and education start in the mosques. … Do you realize what the mosque is? It is a prime factory educating men to fear and please Allah; [it is] the prime factory educating Jihad fighters,” the preacher said during a sermon broadcast on Al-Aqsa TV.

“The mosque is the life of Muslims, and the symbol of their courage and honor.”

“The Palestinian fetus in its mother’s womb, the Muslim fetus throughout the world in its mother’s womb, call [on Muslims] to unite through fear of Allah, through pleasing Him, and through choosing Jihad and Resistance,” he added.


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