WATCH: Popular Arab-Israeli Nas Daily Slams Al Jazeera for Repeatedly Spreading Fake News

nas daily

Wildly popular Arab-Israeli blogger Nuseir Yassin, more commonly known as Nas Daily, has released an uncharacteristically long video lambasting Qatari news channel Al Jazeera for accusing him of being an Israeli agent working for Israel’s “official propaganda program.”

Yassin also charged Al Jazeera with broadcasting one set of news to an English audience and another to its Arabic language audience, and gave examples of Holocaust denial and anti-gay content the network aired to the latter.

In the video, the 28-year-old shows clips of Al Jazeera “expert” spreading the lie he is “using words such as… openness, coexistence, peace” in an attempt to “make Israel look good.” The network then claims Yassin is “using all the tools that the Israeli government provides him, and he is part of their official propaganda program.”

“That is comical!” Yassin retorts, going on to accuse the Qatari network of “fake news” that aims to generate hate and fear in the Arab world.

Yassin also explained how the lie was spread by a network of shady Arabic-language “news” outlets that are Al Jazeera subsidiaries and like their parent network, funded by the Qatari network. The video in which he is featured was sponsored, and on a single one of these outlets received as many as two million hits.

“So Al Jazeera or its affiliates in another country put government money to spread fake news against an individual,” he said.

He later gave an example of just how misleading the network is and the conflicting messages it sends to its different audiences.

“To the English world they say, ‘Let’s remember the Holocaust and never repeat it.’ To the Arab world they say, ‘Did the Holocaust really happen?”




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