Report: Mexico’s Gov’t Stops Migrant March

AP Photo/Felix Marquez

Mexico’s government is reportedly shutting down the migrant “caravan” before it reaches the U.S. border and creates a huge public groundswell for President Donald Trump’s pro-American immigration policies.

News of the pending shutdown was broadcast late April 2 by the Buzzfeed reporter following the group of 1,500 Central American migrants on their northward march through Mexico:

The apparent shutdown is good news for Democrats who are trying to keep the immigration issue out of the news prior to the 2018 election. It is also good news for GOP establishment leaders, who are trying to keep their 2018 majority by touting the tax cut while also downplaying the economic impact of cheap-labor immigration.

The claimed shutdown came after President Donald Trump and his White House deputies spent the day spotlighting the issue, and also blaming Democrats for refusing the close the legal loopholes on the border.

Mexico’s government is denying Trump’s opposition played the role, according to Buzzfeed:

Despite the caravan’s claimed cancellation, federal officials expect a growing number of migrants this spring and summer will try to push through the border fence via the legal loopholes supported by Democrats.

The march was organized by a group opposed to national borders, titled “Pueblo Sin Fronteras,” or “People without Borders.”

The announcement came after the group’s march stalled on Sunday, and several hundred young men split off from the main group to ride a train northwards, according to ABC News:

While a group of about a couple of hundred men in the march broke off and hopped a freight train north on Sunday …

Irineo Mujica, director of Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the activist group behind the annual symbolic event, said the caravan would continue only to the city of Puebla southeast of Mexico City, “but not in a massive way.” After the symposium, some migrants may continue to Mexico’s capital, where it is easier to make an asylum claim. Mujica said about 300 to 400 of the migrants say they have relatives living in Mexico and so may consider staying here at least temporarily.

However, the march of 1,500 illegals is only a tiny slice of the total number of legal immigrants who arrive in the United States. Each year the federal government accepts roughly 1.1 million legal immigrants, which is roughly one legal immigrant for every four Americans who turn 18.



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