Former Trump Official Carlos Trujillo Intends to Help Florida to Flip House Amid Redistricting

Carlos Trujillo
United States Department of State/Wikimedia Commons

A former Trump official Carlos Trujillo is embedding himself in Florida’s effort to flip the U.S. House of Representatives through the creation of a new redistricting group.

“Whoever controls the U.S. House could come through Florida — and I think it will come through Florida,” former President Trump’s ambassador to the Organization of American States Carlos Trujillo told Axios on Sunday.

State redistricting is set to reshape the Florida House districts in 2021 with an extra seat added into the mix via the 2020 Census Bureau’s population growth data.

Lake County’s Property Appraiser and former Republican State Senator Carey Baker informed Breitbart News on April 27 that “Legal challenges are to be expected from the Democrats” upon redistricting, just as they initiated and legally won in 2010.

“Don’t forget a liberal activist judge actually drew the State Senate and Congressional district maps in 2010. They won’t let their control go without a fight,” Baker warned.

But “the Supreme Court has completely turned over in Florida over the last 10 years,” Trujillo said. “So our hope is the maps that are presented — as long as they’re in compliance with the state Constitution and the federal Voting Rights Act — should be ratified by a nonactivist Florida Supreme Court.”

Politico reported on April 29 Florida’s Democrat Party is “in shambles” and has for “years… failed to conduct the voter-registration programs it needs in order to win statewide elections.”

Indeed, Florida Democrat Reps. Val Demings, Charlie Crist, and Stephanie Murphy will presumably all retire or seek higher office, rendering many current Democrat-held districts difficult to keep.

The New York Times wrote an article on May 5 to highlight Trujillo’s downhill advance, entitled, “Why Democratic Departures From the House Have Republicans Salivating.”

The Washington Post also reported, “A growing list of House Democrats from competitive districts is headed for the exits, adding yet another concern for a party facing an uphill fight to maintain control of Congress next year.”

And Reuters suggests that “Crist joined an exodus of prominent House Democrats from competitive districts as the party fights to keep its narrow six-seat majority in next year’s midterm congressional elections.”


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