Milo on the Bernie and Sid Show: Bill Clinton Ripped the Black Community Apart


Milo Yiannopoulos joined the Bernie and Sid Show on WABC New York to discuss everything from Ghostbusters, Twitter, fat people, vaping, the destruction of Europe, and how the Democrats destroyed the black community.

“You’ve been banned from Twitter. You actually went to watch that horrendous piece of crap, Ghostbusters, and you wrote a review on What happened?” asked the pair towards Milo during the show.

“Well I wrote a very scathing review, but a very wonderful review, it’s very funny you should read it, and I just didn’t like the movie very much because it’s garbage,” replied Yiannopoulos. “And the black Ghostbuster, Leslie Jones, was sort of deployed by Sony to play the victim on Twitter because the movie was tanking, and she sort of went and tried to pick a fight with me.”

“In the hierarchy of victimhood, you know like the oppression league tables the regressive left has, black women rank higher than white gays. So she wins!” he explained. “I mean we just mentioned my sexual preferences, I posted a picture of her a while ago saying at least Ghostbusters has a hot black guy in it, and she looks remarkably like one of my ex-boyfriends. Not so hot as a girl, but if she was a dude, yeah.”

“So she blocked me and I did a screenshot of her blocking me and said ‘uh, rejected by another black man.’ Look, I’ve got this rule to be twice as funny as you are offensive and you’ll be okay, but apparently that doesn’t hold,” he said.

Moving on to the war on drugs, Yiannopoulos branded the efforts a disaster and claimed that Bill Clinton had destroyed the black community because of it.

“I think that what the black community still has to deal with, partly as a result of the Clintons, I mean Bill Clinton signed in a law that basically destroyed the black family. He put every black dad in the country in prison for smoking a blunt. It’s insane,” said Yiannopoulos.

I mean, I don’t know what your views on drugs are, I think the war on drugs has basically been a disaster, and it has hit black families really hard. Who’s responsible for that? Bill Clinton… Bill Clinton of course also put to death Ricky Ray Rector, the retarded guy who had a mental age of seven… when he had his last meal they said ‘what do you want for your last meal?’ and he said I want turkey dinner and some ice cream’. He said ‘I’ll take the turkey dinner now and I’ll have the ice cream after the execution’. This is the mental awareness of this guy, he should not have been killed. Bill Clinton said fry him, so he went to the chair, and of cause before the ’92 election when he wanted to appear tough, he signed this law that did more than anything else in American history to destroy the black family. Now, there are some valid grievances the black community have, they just don’t realise that most of them are levelled- most of them are Democratic things. There are some problems, and they deserve way better schools. They deserve way better, you know, public services. They deserve to be policed properly so that their communities can recover from endemic crime. What they don’t necessarily deserve is the right to throw their toys out the pram, behave like children, and indulge in this sort of victimhood and grievance culture that the left has tried to do with gays, tried to do with women, tried to do with blacks, because what they basically want to do is replace the absent father with the state. They want everyone to be dependent on the state and vote for Democrats because Democrats are going to give them freebies. This is so socially destructive and it is actually the most sociopathic and unkind thing you could possibly do. So, I don’t like Black Lives Matter as a solution, but I wouldn’t say that black people have it easy.

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