The Dartmouth Review: ‘MILO Is the Most Effective Champion of Classically Liberal Values’


The Dartmouth Review recently released an article titled “In Defense of Milo Yiannopoulos” profiling Breitbart Senior Editor MILO.

The article begins by discussing the rise of Donald Trump and disdain for “PC culture.” 

Donald J. Trump, the Republican nominee for President of the United States, has disrupted the status quo and realigned the political paradigm. In creating a movement, he has done something good. He has stood up to and ultimately defeated an out-of-touch Republican establishment, while reigniting the passion of a despondent Republican base. He spoke up for millions of previously unheard Americans who were left behind by globalization and technological change. Most importantly, though, he utterly destroyed any conception of political correctness that we may have had.

The article goes on to describe MILO’s rise in popularity: “Enter Milo Yiannopoulos. He is every bit the character that Trump, whom he calls ‘daddy,’ is. The key difference, however, is that Yiannopoulos is personality driven by principle. Whereas Trump has incoherent to nonexistent positions on most topics (except for the Mexican border wall), Yiannopoulos has fleshed out a contrarian yet sensible ideology.”

The article calls MILO a “classical liberal.” 

The manifestation of a political realignment, he is possibly the most effective champion of classically liberal values such as free speech against the tide of illiberalism that dominates college campuses and the ideology of the regressive left. Indeed, the movement that Trump inspired, in its manifestation as Yiannopoulos, has surpassed the impact of Trump himself. Yiannopoulos, not Trump, is the one emboldening principled conservatives to rise up for deeply held principles.

The article concludes by complementing MILO’s ability to trigger the left, saying, “If truth is treason in an empire of lies, then the massive overreaction from the left signals that Yiannopoulos is on the right track. The process of forcing the left to confront the absurdity of its own ideology is as painful as it is necessary, but at least Yiannopoulos makes it fun for the rest of us.”            

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