Iran Officially Launches Cyber Warfare Capability

There is good news for the people of Iran in confronting enemies through the consequential powers of cyberspace. Soon the Islamic Republic of Iran’s cyber war campaign will be activated under the Passive Defense Organization of Iran.

During a news conference for the second gathering of the National Resistance and Passive Defense, in an interview with Bulletin News, the Head of Iran’s Passive Defense Organization pointed to events following the presidential elections and concentration of adversaries in cyberspace. He stated:

“Prior to the events last year, some authorities acted passively to warnings of cyber security and did not believe cyberspace could be a prime embankment for the enemy. But in the wake of last year’s events it became quite clear that today the world has concentrated on cyber war. The United States established a cyber army nine months ago, and the existing German cyber army are clear indications of this situation.”

According to the Bulletin News reporter, during the interview General Gholamreza Jalali emphasized:

“In fact, last year an all out soft war was imposed on the Islamic Republic, utilizing modern tools as the internet. Through prompt investigations and timely actions in all areas, these impositions were disabled. But during the past year, many events improved our strategy in multiple areas, especially in cyber issues. For instance, the Stuxnet virus was an attempt by the U.S. to cripple Bushehr nuclear power plant and strike Iran. Through a German software developed by the Siemens corporation, the United States invaded our nuclear facilities. However, due to swift action by the Passive Defense Organization and Ministry of Intelligence, through communications and training, the virus was prevented from spreading and was disabled altogether.

“Stuxnet virus invaded our country, had accomplishments, and of course inflicted some damage. But what the enemy would like is for us to declare the very damages and issues this virus created. The virus led to Iran’s versatility in cyber issues with the coordination of Passive Defense Organization, Ministry of Intelligence (MOI) and Communications, and trainings were held to confront the Stuxnet virus.”

Additionally, Jalali mentioned:

“Fortunately, appropriate courses of action in cyber security have been implemented by all establishments, security forces have launched Ofta, the department of justice has allocated a court to investigate cyber crimes, and there are additional security measures. I am very delighted about cyber-related discussions in accordance with these activities. Additional good news I can deliver to the people of Iran is: Soon the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Cyber War Campaign will be underway through the Passive Defense Organization, and it will fight our enemies with abundant power in cyberspace and internet warfare.”

Finally, the Head of the Passive Defense Organization added:

“For cyber war efforts, we welcome active participation of hackers who want to get involved and promote the goals of the Islamic Republic. However, we deliver a warning to those hackers who want to strike against to the people with filthy purpose. In watching them, we will confront them severely.”