Obama's Failure As A National Security President: Makled Extradited to Venezuela

One of the world’s top cocaine dealers, Walid Makled, was arrested in Colombia last August in a joint operation with the D.E.A. He then revealed information including high level and pervasive involvement of the Venezuelan military not only in the Cocaine trade but in close cooperation with Hezbollah.

His extradition to the U.S. would have provided a vital intelligence source to the entire U.S. intelligence community. It would have also made an already formidable mountain of evidence for Venezuela’s state sponsorship of terror even more indisputable. The ensuing failure of any administration to put Venezuela on the State Sponsor of Terror list would confirm complete national security incompetence.

Not a problem for the Obama administration. Last month Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart confirmed on Secure Freedom Radio that Makled was offered to the U.S. Justice Department and the administration REFUSED. Makled withheld vital intelligence in Colombia in order to make himself valuable enough for Obama to press President Santos for his extradition to the U.S. during his recent visit because the alternative was for Colombia to extradite him to Venezuela for a “murder charge.”

The worst has happened. Makled has been extradited to Venezuela where he will be silenced. The Obama administration has chosen to allow Hezbollah and the Venezuelan military to thrive financially and fund future operations against the free world unimpeded. Our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, especially the D.E.A. are fighting the war of our generation. When our President had his choice to support them, he voted absent. The American press should demand answers.

Today on Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio, former Ambassador to the Organization of the American States, Roger Noriega brought his own sources to bear on the story. He had spoken to U.S. law enforcement official who had interview Makled. They told Ambassador Noriega that the felt as if, “their legs had been cut out from under them,” when Obama failed to press Santos for Makled’s extradition.



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