Obama's Jew & The Imaginary Bogeyman


Failed peace processor and Obama cat’s-paw, Dennis Ross, addressed Shimon Peres’ Presidential Conference in Jerusalem and gave Israel some advice to help it commit suicide. Ross warned that unless peace talks with the Paleostinians resume soon, Israel would face “growing international isolation” and “the threat of rockets and missiles would grow by the day.” No, it was not Ross’s attempt at a joke, it was the same warmed over condescending scenario we’ve heard in one form or another from Day One. Earlier versions included the dreaded “demographic time bomb” that would eliminate Israel as a Jewish and democratic state. One way or another, though, there is a dog nipping at Israel’s heels and Obama and his Jewish front men always know what’s best to get the cur off Israel’s back – reduce the size of the tiny country and increase its exposure to attack. Hey, what are friends for?

There is good news that may yet come out of Ross’s threat. Judging by Netanyahu’s recent Oval Office rebuke, and his reception from Congress a day after, scaring Israel into the arms of its enemies is a tactic that’s outlived its usefulness and no longer works. What will Obama think of next?


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