Lt. Col. Bob Lawler: Helicopter Safety


Tonight on Secure Freedom Radio: Retired Lt. Col. Bob Lawler, ITT Corporation’s Business Development Manager, continues today’s show to discuss ITT’s Common Infrared Countermeasures Program. Lt. Col. Lawler stresses the need for the military to implement a system that would provide helicopters with a defense against air missiles. Not only does the military depend on these helicopters to move supplies, but they are also the most effective means of transporting combat soldiers. By using this Common Infrared Countermeasure Program, the US would help our soldiers better survive military attacks in the future. The problem posed by most small man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems is that they are hard to detect, but easy to deploy. Therefore, the military needs to first implement a method of detecting these missiles. ITT Corporation’s system first detects the missile’s launch and then induces into it tracking errors that make it fly off course. A major factor in the widespread implementation of such a system is the high costs. However, as more and more commercial technologies develop, the cost for such systems will decrease.

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