Iran: Wall Street Protests Evidence 'American Spring' Revolution Is Coming


From the Tehran Times:

TEHRAN – The protests on Wall Street are a prelude to the arrival of the American spring, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri said on Sunday.

Jazayeri: It’s revolution…

The Wall Street protests will spark widespread anti-corruption protests in the United States, which will definitely culminate in the collapse of the Western capitalist system, Jazayeri stated.

“(U.S. President Barack) Obama’s slogan of change has gotten nowhere, and the people of the United States have seen through the actions taken by Obama, which are in line with the economic policies adopted by (George W.) Bush, the former president, and are saying that ‘We are the 90 percent’ who no longer want to tolerate the avarice and corruption of the 10 percent who are in possession of wealth and power in the country,” he added.

He also said, “The continued failure of the U.S. president to resolve the Wall Street crisis will turn this economic protest into a political and social protest against the governing system of the U.S. and illustrates that Western liberal democracy is in decline.”

The people of the United States have become fed up with the capitalist system and have staged demonstrations to bring an end to injustice, homelessness, poverty, and political corruption in the country, Jazayeri stated.

However, Wall Street should not be blamed for the situation; rather those Democrats and Republicans who bludgeoned their way into the White House through deception are to blame, he added.

Just like the Islamists?!

“The people of the United States want their heads of state to address internal problems,” he said, adding that the fact that the protesters are flying U.S. flags upside down during the demonstrations indicates that “the country’s flag is no longer regarded as a national symbol and is in fact a symbol of the government and the powerful and wealthy minority ruling in the United States.”

The poor in the U.S. are becoming poorer, and capitalists are becoming wealthier day by day, Jazayeri stated.

“The recent developments in New York, Washington, and other cities in the United States indicate that the U.S. police and security forces are acting even more harshly than their protégés in Middle Eastern Arab countries,” he added.

He also advised the U.S. government to take the measures necessary to release those arrested and to apologize to the people.

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