31-Oct-11 World View — Somali-American Identified As Suicide Bomber In Mogadishu


This morning’s key headlines from GenerationalDynamics.com.

* Former cricketer Imran Khan promises hope and change for Pakistan

* Second Gaza cease-fire broken within a day

* China arrests over 12,000 suspects in internet drug trafficking sweep

* Somali-American identified as suicide bomber in Mogadishu

* Villages in India celebrate the world’s 7 billion’th baby

Former Cricketer Imran Khan Promises Hope and Change for Pakistan

Imran Khan at rally on Sunday (AFP)
Imran Khan at rally on Sunday (AFP)

Imran Khan, a Pashtun born in 1952, one of Pakistan’s greatest cricket players of all time, once voted as the “Sexiest Man of The Year” by Australia Magazine Oz, turned to politics in the 1990s. He’s now the presidential candidate for the Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) (Movement for Justice) party, with Islamist roots. On Sunday, he addressed a “tsunami” of supporters in Lahore, Pakistan, where some 100,000 people attended a rally, far exceeding expectations. Saying that “It’s time for a change,” he promised to have closer ties with China, to distance Pakistan from the U.S., and to “convince” India to withdraw its military from the disputed regions of Kashmir and Jammu. Express Tribune (Pakistan)

Second Gaza Cease-Fire Broken Within a Day

A second Egypt-sponsored ceasefire this week between Gaza and Israel was broken within 24 hours, as rocket fire from Gaza into Israel and Israeli air strikes on militant Gaza targets both resumed on Sunday. Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Sunday afternoon that: “We will do anything to defend Israeli civilians. I advise the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorist organizations not to test our capabilities.” Jewish Telegraphic Agency

China Arrests Over 12,000 Suspects In Internet Drug Trafficking Sweep

China’s police arrested 12,125 suspects during a recent nationwide campaign against Internet-based drug addiction and sale. Police across the country busted 144 rings involved in drug production and trafficking and 22 secret drug-producing sites, and confiscated 308.3 kg of illicit drugs. The battle was conducted after some criminal suspects were found to be using online video platform to conduct sales and gather drug addicts. Xinhua

Somali-American Identified As Suicide Bomber in Mogadishu

Abdisalan Hussein Ali
Abdisalan Hussein Ali

Abdisalan Hussein Ali, 22, who was born in Somalia but came to Minneapolis, Minn., at age 2, is said to be one of two suicide bombers who blew themselves up in an attack on African Union peacekeeping troops in Mogadishu. According to the FBI, an estimated 30 Americans have joined the al-Shabaab terrorist group, which is affiliated with al-Qaeda, and at least 20 of them are from the Somali community in Minneapolis. In high school, Ali was elected president of the school’s Somali Student Association, and he later became a caseworker at a prestigious law firm. At the University of Minnesota, he majored in chemistry and held a part-time job as a security guard at the management school there. NY Times (Access)

Villages in India Celebrate the World’s 7 billionth Baby

The United Nations has declared that the population of the earth will reach 7 billion on Monday, October 31, although the exact place and time will not be known. Nonetheless, two villages in India’s most populous state of Uttar Pradesh are each preparing to celebrate the arrival of the 7 billion’th baby on Monday. Approximately 11 children are born every minute in Uttar Pradesh, so there’ll be plenty to choose from. However, to publicize the fact that Indian mothers often choose to abort female fetuses, one children’s welfare group has selected seven women expected to give birth on Monday, and the first newborn girl among them will be declared the seven billionth baby. DPA


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