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Christian Adams: DOJ Helping Enforce Racial Discrimination in Guam Elections


Christian Adams, a former member of the Department of Justice, sheds light on a nefarious group of militant, racial activists in Guam who are rigging government elections in order to remove U.S. military presence in the country. Only members of the native Chamarro ethnicity are allowed to vote. Guam is a strategic U.S. territory with bomber and submarine bases. Tragically, the Holder Justice Department does not seem to care about the plight of minorities in Guam. Holder is continuing his pattern of upholding voting laws in a racially unfair fashion. If the U.S. military can no longer use Guam as a strategic base, what would that mean for forces in the Pacific? Attorney General Holder either needs to start applying equality to the law or step down from his position. How come the president has not taken issue with this, especially since he has claimed the Pacific is a strategic interest to the US? Guam is the most important base west of Hawaii in the American pacific arsenal. The Obama Administration is even using American tax dollars to show support for this racially discriminating election. The Obama-Holder Justice Department is using racially unequal enforcement of the laws to push their own agenda increase their power over Americans.

You can hear the rest of Christian’s conversation with Frank on Secure Freedom Radio.


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