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America's Unknown War: Jeffrey Scott Explains Drug Smuggling Tunnels Under U.S. Border


DEA Agent Jeffrey Scott joins Frank to explain the discovery of one of the most elaborate underground tunnels from Tijuana to San Diego. The San Diego Tunnel Task Force was created to combat this growing tactic used by the drug cartels. In the last four years, DEA has discovered around 75 underground tunnels from Mexico into the United States. There are “rudimentary tunnels that are nothing more than gopher holes,” interconnected tunnels that use existing construction such as sewer tunnels, and then there are the sophisticated tunnels which are large scale and employ elevators, running water, electricity, and other means to support large amounts of narcotics and traffickers. These sophisticated tunnels do pose a problem to investigators due to their complexity and the almost unlimited resources available to the cartels. When agents do discover these tunnels, the seizure is significant and hits the cartels hard. This particular tunnel, which was 612 yards long with lights, steel doors and electric cars to carry drugs, yielded 32 tons of marijuana with a street value of $50-$60 million which will be difficult for the cartels to replace. With cartels becoming more ingenious, what will this mean for American security?

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