An Attack Is Imminent


Representative Trent Franks of Arizona joins Frank to offer his opinion as to Newt Gingrich’s claim that America is susceptible to an Electro Magnetic Pulse attack. As a result of America’s growing reliance on technology, the risk of an EMP attack has grown considerably. We must secure our electric grids and according to many federal agencies, an EMP attack is one of the most serious attacks facing America and the only attack that could truly devastate American infrastructure and security. The New York Times dismissing this threat is unfounded and irresponsible. What affect could this article have on Congresses opinion to handle this threat? America must take this threat seriously and therefore protect our grid so our infrastructure as well as defensive systems can continue to operate. Representative Franks also weighs in on Secretary Clinton’s meeting with the OIC as well as Obama’s policy to work with the Islamic community before allowing agents to be trained on the Islamic threat. We are not being realistic and if America does not change the president next year, who knows where this country will head. Even a condemned murderer is afforded his religious freedom because it is such a basic right, therefore how can Senator Dick Durbin work to remove the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.


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