GOP Debate Round-Up: Foreign Policy, National Security and Immigration

Below are some highlights from the Iowa Republican presidential debate:

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich:

[youtube FVM-eTNNEmM]

[youtube -kqTTfMkSXA]

Governor Mitt Romney:

[youtube HEy2mw-WVrM]

[youtube Y4j09OqlyEk]

Dr. Ron Paul:

[youtube WW6ms-n8F_A]

[youtube LbSoNtDy2OM]

Governor Rick Perry:

[youtube bGtX8IC2l9Q]

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann:

[youtube CIckS7nOnIQ]

Senator Rick Santorum:

[youtube e_8rFWawHoM]

Governor Jon Huntsman:

[youtube NCIFatnqD_E]

[youtube VCo0JFSJji4]