Bill Gertz: Year in Review

Frank spends an hour with Washington Times columnist Bill Gertz for a year in review. Bill first speaks on the Arab Spring, U.S. military aid to Egypt as well as the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. Bill then moves onto the idea that not speaking about a certain threat makes it disappear. The Obama Administration fails to characterize the Islamic extremist threat properly, even in a historical context, which is detrimental to fighting this enemy. The Department of Homeland Security is even reaching out to the Muslim community for training guidelines.

Bill then moves onto Iran and its nuclear program. What will the Israelis do the curb this growing threat? Bill and Frank next speak on the end of the Iraq War and how America is leaving the country in a fragile security state. Will Iran move in and take control? Will American troops have to go back in the future to reinstate security and order?

Next, Bill explains the rise of the Chinese threat and how America let China become a growing threat when we decided to turn a blind eye to their nefarious activities for the past two decades. Now that Obama is doing a pivot towards China, will America be able to control the red Dragon?

Finally, Bill touches on the subject of defense cuts and how America’s aging military needs to be upgraded to meet today’s growing threats. Our military resources cannot be upgraded or expanded without any money. Obama has pledged to veto any bill that tries to circumvent these cuts, what will the state of American security be in the future?


You can hear the opening to Bill Gertz’s hour long analysis here and the entire show at


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