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The Top 10 Obama Administration Defense Missteps of 2011


Finally, terrorism expert Patrick Poole spends two segments with Frank to go through his 2011 Top Ten list of follies on the part of the American government within the national security arena–incidences such as giving bin Laden a proper Muslim burial at sea or claiming the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization. Is this based on faulty intelligence, misinformation being provided by the Muslim Brotherhood or the Obama Administration’s efforts to keep Americans in the dark, or is this just sheer stupidity on the part of the Obama Administration? How secure are we? Are we blinding ourselves to the real threats? Who is the administration appointing to positions within the national security community? These questions and more get answered by Patrick Poole.

You can hear the first part of Patrick’s interview with Frank here and the rest of the interview as well as the full show at



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