Defense Cuts May Leave America Vulnerable to an Attack Greater than 9/11

Mark Theissen opens today’s show with his analysis of how the Obama Administration is inviting the next attack on American soil. The defense cuts caused by the Super Committee’s failure will leave America open to another attack that could be more horrific than 9/11. We need to build our budget around our strategy instead of building our strategy around our budget. Boeing will be closing a huge plant in Wichita, Kansas that will put over 2100 people out of work because the president does not feel defense is important to America and our economy. The Obama Administration is willing to release a mass murderer, someone who has committed atrocities against humanity, in order to secure peace talks with the Taliban. The Taliban sees America’s willingness to negotiate as a sign of submission, and this is emboldening our enemy to become more aggressive and seek greater concessions on the part of the American forces. What is the cost of these defense cuts to our economy and our security?

You can hear Mark’s interview with Frank and read today’s show post at Secure Freedom Radio.