Nuclear Expert Elbridge Colby Defends U.S. 'Triad' of Missile Defense Systems

Nuclear arms expert Elbridge Colby spends time with Frank to explain the need to maintain America’s strategic triad, which is our deterrence from a nuclear strike. The triad consists of submarines, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) and B-52 and B-2 bombers. America must think long term; we do not know what future threats there will be, therefore we must maintain this triad to ensure security for America and our allies. Each leg of the triad is used to ensure a quick counterstrike to an attack against homeland America, our forces or our allies. No one can attack America without reprisal, and that security must be maintained. We cannot be the only country without nuclear weapons and we cannot convince other nations to remove their weapons, so we must maintain ours. Isn’t it necessary to be able to counter an attack on America?

The triad is cheap in comparison to other programs and force resources. America has not tested a nuclear weapon since 1992; how effective are they at this point? We need to test these systems to ensure they are in proper working condition as well as modernize our force structure. Mr. Colby finishes the interview with his take on the need to develop modern bunker buster bombs as another deterrent so enemies don’t feel they can hide after an attack.

You can hear the rest of Elbridge’s interview with Frank at Secure Freedom Radio.