On Obama's Watch

On Obama's Watch

On February 5th, President Obama provided his own Super Sunday show.   In some respects, it was almost as bizarre as Madonna’s performance at  half time.

In particular, in his interview with NBC’s Matt Lauer,  Mr. Obama responded oddly to concerns raised last week by leaders of the  U.S. intelligence community.  They testified on Capitol Hill that the  Iranian mullahs appear to be planning attacks on the United States.   Yet, the President told Lauer that, “We don’t see any evidence that  they have those intentions or capabilities right now.”

Now, anyone  with an IQ above room temperature has noticed lately plenty of evidence  of both hostile Iranian intentions and the capabilities to act on them.   Consider a few examples:

Last fall, the Obama administration  announced that it had intercepted an Iranian plot to blow up a popular  eatery in Washington’s Georgetown section in order to kill the Saudi  ambassador who frequents it.  They did so with the knowledge that more  150 Americans would be murdered in the process. Just last week, Senate  Intelligence Committee chairwoman Dianne Feinstein used the occasion of a  rare open hearing to vouch strongly for the quality of the evidence  implicating the regime in Tehran, despite the seemingly unprofessional  nature of the assassination plan.

The Iranians have also  established a formidable foreign legion in their terrorist proxy,  Hezbollah.  This Lebanese “Party of God” has already killed Americans  elsewhere.  And we know that they have established a presence in Latin  America, notably under the protection of Iran’s ally in Venezuela, Hugo  Chavez.  There are increasing indications that Hezbollah is also now  embedding itself in Mexico, doing business and making common cause with  narco-trafficking drug cartels there.  Such ties facilitate these  jihadists’ ability to penetrate the southern U.S. border that Team Obama  seems determined not to secure.

What is more, we know that  Hezbollah already has active cells in place in the United States.  They  have been involved here in illicit cigarette trafficking, money  laundering and fundraising for the mother ship.  It would be dangerously  naïve to think that Hezbollah’s operatives inside this country are not  also preparing for acts of terror.  The same goes for the Iranian  Revolutionary Guards Corps’ al Quds paramilitary units the Obama  Pentagon has warned are operating with Hezbollah in our hemisphere.
Even U.S. intelligence is now coming around to another ominous reality: Iran cooperates with al Qaeda.

The  evidence is indisputable that Shiites and Sunnis can, when in pursuit  of a common foe, overlook differences about particulars of their  respective practices of Islam and the bitter enmity that has flowed from  them for centuries.

A federal judge recently found that the  mullahocracy in Tehran assisted Osama bin Laden’s operatives in planning  and executing the murderous attacks of 9/11.  And Iran’s “house arrest”  of his family members and top al Qaeda operatives since then is now  increasingly recognized as tantamount to providing safe haven, not  imposing involuntary incarceration.

That being the case, one must  add the capabilities of al Qaeda and its proliferating franchises to the  ayatollahs’ potential strike packages against this country.  Never mind  those official assurances that “al Qaeda core” has been diminished by  years of drone strikes and Special Forces missions against their  leadership.  Iranian state-sponsorship ensures that we will face a  continuing and growing danger from those terrorists and others committed  to imposing worldwide the Islamist doctrine of shariah.

(Interestingly,  in his congressional testimony last week, Director of National  Intelligence James Clapper actually called this pan-Islamic front the  “global jihad movement.”  This would appear to be a violation of clear  Obama administration guidance that no association can be made between  “violent extremism” and the Islamic impetuses behind nearly all of it.   It also marks a considerable improvement over Clapper’s preposterous  declaration a year ago that the Muslim Brotherhood is a “largely secular  organization” that has “eschewed violence.”)

What about the  reported agreement between Iran and Venezuela to base some of the  former’s ballistic missiles on the latter’s territory?  The timing of  this deployment and the speed with which it metastasizes into a new  Cuban Missile Crisis cannot be determined at this point.  Still, the  intent to threaten the United States certainly is evident, even if this  particular capability to act on that intention thankfully has yet to be  achieved.

Finally, Iran appears to have developed all but one of  the ingredients needed to mount what has been described as a  “catastrophic” attack on the United States: a strategic strike  unleashing a high-altitude electromagnetic pulse.  All that is lacking  is a working nuclear weapon that can be launched aboard even a  short-range missile from a ship off our coast.

Successive  government and independent studies have established that such an attack  would disrupt for a protracted time, and possibly destroy, our  electrical grid and all the infrastructures that rely upon it.

Without  them, our society and population simply cannot be sustained – giving  rise to the distinct possibility of achieving Iranian President Mahmoud  Ahmadinejad’s stated goal of “a world without America.”

President  Obama’s statement that “we don’t see any evidence” of Iran’s intentions  and capabilities to attack us is either witless or deceptive.  Either  way, it is as strong an argument as any for his defeat in November –  assuming the mullahs have not acted in the meantime on their  well-documented desire to eliminate us and our friends in Israel.