Iran State Press: True Muslims Obligated to Destroy Israel

Iran State Press: True Muslims Obligated to Destroy Israel

While President Barack Obama is still holding out hope that sanctions against Iran and kind words toward Israel can avert a military engagement between the two countries, Iranians are claiming a religious justification for wiping Israel off the map.

In a recent article in Iran’s state press titled “The Fiqh [Islamic Jurisprudence]-Based Reasons for the Need for Israel’s Annihilation,” Ali Reza Forqani, an ally of Iran’s Supreme Leader, writes: “Today, Israel is using all satanic means cause divisions. Every Muslim has the obligation to equip himself against Israel.”

And after painting Israel as nothing more than corruption upon the earth, Forqani continues:

Since the very foundation of Islam is facing a potential danger, it is necessary for all the Muslims in general and the Islamic governments in particular to act to remove this corrupting material by any means possible. All our troubles are due to Israel!

After making Israel look like the aggressors, Forqani goes on to equate a military strike against Israel as something that “would fit the definition of defensive jihad.” Such a jihad, he writes, is “a religiously mandated obligation” which “all Muslims must participate in.”

Keep in mind, it was only a month ago that Jimmy Carter openly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s defense of Israel’s right to carry out a pre-emptive strike on Iran. The former U.S. President made Netanyahu sound like a war monger who was “more eager to go to war with Iran than [was] President Obama.”

Nevertheless, Iran has laid claim to a religious sanction for Israel’s annihilation. It’s easy to see which country is the actual war monger.