Ahmnadinejad: Iran Will Continue Even If Whole World Says No

Ahmnadinejad: Iran Will Continue Even If Whole World Says No

Yesterday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that Iran would continue on its nuclear path even if the whole world stands up to it. Iran has rejected calls for them to close the Fordow underground uranium enrichment facility and stop the enrichment of uranium.

Apparently President Obama’s schizoid public approach to Iran is failing. On the one hand, here is Obama condemning Iran’s secret nuclear site in September 2009:

This site deepens a growing concern that Iran is refusing to live up to those international responsibilities, including specifically revealing all nuclear-related activities. As the international community knows, this is not the first time that Iran has concealed information about its nuclear programme . . . Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow.

On the other hand, according to the Washington Post, Obama has recently softened his approach:

US President Barack Obama reportedly sent a secret message to Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei expressing a willingness to accept an Iranian civilian nuclear program if Iran can prove it will not pursue nuclear weapons … Obama sent Khamenei the message via Turkish Prime Minister Recap Erdogan, who was in Iran last week.

What Obama offers for public consumption is one thing; what he privately believes may be an entirely different matter. Former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton alleged that the Obama administration leaked the story claiming Israel had been granted access to airfields in Azerbaijan, which lies along Iran’s northern border. No wonder the Iranians seem so unconcerned with international detractors – the Great Satan won’t even give them a straight answer.