Biden Makes Case for Commander-in-Chief Romney

Biden Makes Case for Commander-in-Chief Romney

Speaking at New York University on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden attacked Mitt Romney for holding “unilateral foreign policy views that that [will] lead the United States into more wars” and cost America more money. He said Romney will take this country back “to a foreign policy that [will] have America go it alone” and “ask the hard questions later, if at all.”

It appears Biden has forgotten how Obama sent our troops into Libya without even seeking Congressional approval. That’s a move that epitomizes unilateral action. And likewise, it seems he’s forgotten how, after sending the troops in, it quickly became evident that Obama hadn’t asked the hard questions first. If he had asked those questions, he never would have promised a war that was going to last “weeks not months.” And somehow, Biden also forgot that just under a month into the operation, the war in Libya had already cost Americans $716 million. That seems like a sterling example of a foreign policy that cost America more money.

Nevertheless, Biden tried to distract Americans from these things as well as from the danger posed by Iran by painting Romney as someone obsessed with Russia and reminding us that it was Obama who had the “resolve” to go after Osama bin Laden in his Pakistan compound. Of course, we now know it wasn’t Obama who had the resolve; rather, it was Admiral McRaven. And regarding Russia, I’m not sure how not wanting to give them missile defense shield secrets is the same thing as being obsessed with them.

The Romney campaign responded:

It’s clear Biden has amnesia about the Obama administration’s foreign-policy failures, whether it’s alienating allies like Israel, the failed Russia ‘reset,’ and emboldening adversaries like Iran and Syria that seek to undermine our nation’s security. America can’t afford four more years of leading from behind from President Obama.