MSNBC's Chris Hayes Celebrates Memorial Weekend by Degrading Our Troops

MSNBC's Chris Hayes Celebrates Memorial Weekend by Degrading Our Troops

I never thought I’d miss Keith Olbermann, nor did I ever think I’d be able to write something positive about him. But I must say, he’s a patriot compared to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

That’s right–a patriot. Heck, Jane Fonda may even rank higher than Hayes.

Don’t get me wrong. What Fonda did to our troops during the Vietnam War was unforgivable. She literally cheered the enemy, posing with them for pictures and passing out propaganda to undercut our troops and their morale. She is a traitor, first class. However, at least she was honest about what she was doing and nothing was left to chance: she was openly against U.S. forces.

MSNBC’s Hayes, on the other hand, falls into that category of leftists that despise our troops as vehemently as Fonda but lack the courage to come right out and say it. Instead, Hayes and his ilk tell us they want to support the troops but can’t, because they don’t agree with the mission to which the troops are assigned.

Perhaps you’ll remember this tact from the Vietnam War, when leftist academicians claimed to support the troops but not the war. Yet despite the CYA lip service, the result was just as if they said they opposed both the troops and the war. Associates of Bill Ayers in the Students for a Democrat Society (S.D.S.) showed up at airports to spit on Vietnam Vets, throw things at them, and call them “baby killers” as they returned home from the war.

Well, Hayes is right there with Ayers and the S.D.S. hippies. And on his program over Memorial weekend, he made it clear that he isn’t comfortable using the word “heroes” to refer to troops who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a matter of fact, after assuming that the majority of the U.S. population shares his low opinion of the U.S. military, Hayes said: “For the overwhelming majority of Americans, Memorial Day’s chief significance is that it’s the beginning of summer and an occasion for the season’s first big barbeque.”

Hayes started this Memorial Weekend show by focusing on the deaths of four NATO service members and civilians killed via Syrian bombings in the last few days. The reference to this was the first of many attempts to drown out the significance of the deaths of U.S. troops which would be mentioned later in the show. Then, true to form, once U.S. deaths were the subject of his talking points, Hayes contended that it’s hard to really feel sorrow over their deaths because “the fallen exist as people we think about in the abstract.”

He had four guests on the show, two of which were Liliana Segura, editor at The Nation, and Michelle Goldberg with The Daily Beast. These two made it clear that the war in Iraq had been “immoral,” and Segura described how astounded she was when people suggested holding military parades to honor veterans of the Iraqi War as they returned home. Segura said the thought of such a parade was “mind-boggling” and that she wondered “what that would have looked like to Iraqis or the rest of the world.”

I honestly guess that depends which citizens of “the rest of the world” Segura asks. My guess is that, if she asks a family member of one of the hundreds of thousands of people Saddam Hussein tortured or killed — or tortured and killed — they’d probably be willing to drive one of the cars in the parade.

Breitbart News does not ask for apologies, nor does it ask for firings. In fact, we believe Mr. Hayes needs to stay on the air to remind normal Americans exactly how extreme, self-absorbed, and out of touch the progressive left is. For not only did he mock our troops, but he did so on the holiday weekend specifically set aside to honor them. We can’t think of a better example of how the free marketplace of ideas illustrates the difference between those who respect and believe in America’s defenders and those who don’t.