53 Reps Send Letter to Obama: What Did You Know About Benghazi?

53 Reps Send Letter to Obama: What Did You Know About Benghazi?

On November 2, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA) and 52 other Reps sent a letter to Obama seeking to learn what intelligence the president received on two attacks on the Benghazi consulate previous to the Sept 11 attack. 

The attacks took place on April 6 and June 6, 2012. 

The 53 Reps are particularly interested in knowing whether information regarding these two attacks was placed within the President’s Daily Brief, as it should have been. And if so, exactly when was it placed in the brief?

In both the April and June attacks, bombs were either thrown over the walls of the consulate or placed upon the walls. The Reps believe Obama’s answers to their questions will help them get a clearer picture of what Obama knew and didn’t know, as well as what he did and didn’t do, as Sept 11 was approaching.

The letter was also given to Sec. of State Hillary Clinton. The Reps ask:

What role did Ambassador Stevens’ assessment of the security environment in Libya, the large number of security incidents, and their increase in sophistication and coordination play in the Department of State’s security decision with respect to the U.S. compound in Benghazi? 

The letter seems to carry a not-so-subtle message to both Obama and Clinton. And that message is that the 53 Reps are convinced not simply that Sept 11 wasn’t spontaneous, but that it was the culmination of numerous and progressively more coordinated attacks earlier in the year. 


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