What Ceasefire? Hamas Mocks Israel with Iranian Weapons

What Ceasefire? Hamas Mocks Israel with Iranian Weapons

Less than one week after signing the cease-fire agreement with Israel, reports indicate Hamas is already ignoring the truce by smuggling Iranian weapons into Gaza. 

Moreover, to make the smuggling easier, Hamas is demanding Israel accommodate them by ending the blockade of Gaza. 

Hamas appears determined to test Israel by seeing how far they can push the terms of the cease-fire before Israel fights back. And in the interim, it appears they’re actually flaunting the fact that Israel is looking the other way. 

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Badie began calling for Palestinians to rise up and destroy Israel the day after the cease-fire with Hamas was signed. 

Israel has reportedly spotted an Iranian ship loaded down with weaponry headed for Hamas. But Israel claims they will not hesitate to destroy the ship “if it nears the Gaza enclave.”


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