Iran Recruiting Fighters to Support Assad Regime

Iran Recruiting Fighters to Support Assad Regime

Reports indicate Iran has “launched a public campaign” for fighters to come alongside “Hezbollah men” and Assad’s forces in Syria.

The majority of the recruiting effort is coming from “a site belonging to supporters of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khomeini.” It urges willing participants to text or call an Iranian number, which is provided. 

The website bears the Hezbollah logo, a pledge to keep Syria from falling into the hands of Tel Aviv and Washington, and the following quote from Iranian lawmaker Mohammad Saleh Jokar: 

Today our main war front is against the Zionist entity. This front has to be strengthened and the Zionist entity must be destroyed in the region. The treacheries are continuing and there is no longer a justification to stand still; those who are volunteers have to go and start helping.

According to the website, no further details on the recruitment program are being made available at this time due to the “sensitivity of the situation” and the “mischief of the enemies of Islam.”