Army Reprimands Soldier for Serving Chick-Fil-A at Private Party

Army Reprimands Soldier for Serving Chick-Fil-A at Private Party

A soldier who served Chick-fil-A sandwiches at a party he threw to honor the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and his promotion to Master Sergeant has received a letter of reprimand. 

The soldier received his promotion last summer, and since “it coincided with national controversy surrounding Chick-fil-A’s support of traditional marriage,” he decided to serve their sandwiches and celebrate DOMA while he was at it. 

According to a Fox News report, the invitation to the soldier’s party read: “In honor of my promotion and in honor of the Defense of Marriage Act, I’m serving Chick-fil-A sandwiches at my promotion party.”

In response, the military went so far as to put a letter of reprimand in the soldier’s file and “an investigation was initiated to see if he had violated any policy.” Chaplain Alliance Executive Director Ron Crews said there was even “talk of bringing judicial punishment against” the soldier for a time.

Although the promotion and the party took place last summer, this has turned into an seemingly endless saga that still has the soldier “embroiled in a legal battle.” 

As Crews noted, DOMA is the law of the land, and has been since it was enacted under President Bill Clinton in 1996. For honoring that law and serving sandwiches from a business that supports it, a Master Sergeant’s career has been imperiled. 

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