Putin Refuses to Go Obama's Way on Syria

Putin Refuses to Go Obama's Way on Syria

President Obama could not come to an agreement with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Syria when the two leaders met on June 17.

According to The Hill, Obama emerged from the meeting saying he and Putin had a “very useful conversation” but hold “different perspectives.”

Obama said he does not want the disagreement on Syria to taint other parts of the U.S./Russian relations–particularly with it comes to “cooperation on counterterrorism, arms control, and other issues.”

To that end, he and Putin released joint statements after the meeting, pledging to work together on counterterrorism and to launch a “bilateral working group” on information and communications technologies “in the context of international security.” This group will “meet on a regular basis to consult on issues of mutual interest.”

Obama also announced plans to sign a new nuclear non-proliferation treaty with Russia. Said Obama:

This, I think, is an example of the kind of constructive, cooperative, relationship that moves us out of a Cold War mindset into the realm where, by working together, we not only increase security and prosperity for the Russian and American people, but we also lead the world to a better place.

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