Sec. Kerry Considering Anti-Israel Diplomat for State Dept Post

Sec. Kerry Considering Anti-Israel Diplomat for State Dept Post

Sec. of State John Kerry’s shortlist for deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs contains “an anti-Israel diplomat who was kicked off 2008 Obama campaign after he was caught negotiating with the terror group Hamas.”

His name is Robert Malley and if he gets the job he will “be in charge of the Israel-Palestinian peace process.”

According to The Washington Free Beacon, Malley currently serves as the Middle East director of the International Crisis Group (ICG). When he was fired in 2008 after entering “into direct negotiations with Hamas,” Obama’s spokesman Bill Burton explained it away by describing Malley as “one of literally hundreds of informal, outside advisors.”

In the past, Malley has made it clear “that any Middle East peace deal would have to receive the terror group Hamas’ endorsement.” He has not recanted or altered this position to date. 

And over the years he has been very critical of actions Israel has taken to defend itself. As during the Second Intifada, “during which Israel was subjected to a campaign of suicide bombings.” Responding to actions Israel took in self defense Malley wrote: “Security concerns can legitimately explain some of the Israeli Army’s actions. But in more than instance, that rationale would be difficult to maintain.”

He said Israel’s response appeared to be more about furthering “political goals” than about security. 

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