Reversal: Obama Agrees to U.N. 'Hocus Pocus' with Syria

Reversal: Obama Agrees to U.N. 'Hocus Pocus' with Syria

In the run up to President Obama’s rush to unilateral war with Syria, the United Nations took the kind of public relations beating it likely didn’t expect from a Democrat administration. In reference to Syria, various administration officials have described the UN as a “disgrace” and “paralyzed.” Obama himself described the UN process as “hocus pocus.” In a startling reversal, Tuesday, the president agreed to “discussions at the United Nations Security Council on a proposal from Russia to secure Syria’s chemical weapons stockpiles.”

The Russian “proposal” was to say yes to Secretary of State John Kerry’s “major goof” when he floated a never-going-to-happen hypothetical about Syria giving up its chemical weapons. Just as quickly as the State Department took Kerry’s statement back, Russia seized on Kerry’s blunder and said “yes” to the hypothetical.

President Obama has now been checkmated by Russia to a point where he has agreed to engage in some United Nations “hocus pocus.”


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