Oliver North to CPAC: Obama 'Draws Phony Red Lines with a Pink Crayon'

Oliver North to CPAC: Obama 'Draws Phony Red Lines with a Pink Crayon'

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — To a standing ovation, Lt. Col. Oliver North took the podium at CPAC on March 7th. He opened by honoring our United States military.

North said: 

It’s been 13 years since I started covering, reporting, and documenting what our American heroes do. … My heroes are not people who catch passes in the end zone or set Olympic records or even those who appear on comic books or creations of television in a spandex suit and a cape. In fact, my heroes wear flack jackets and combat boots and flight suits.

He added, “They put themselves at risk for the benefit of others. That’s the definition of a hero.”

He stated that these heroes “deserve a better commander-in-chief” than the one they have–one who travels around the world “apologizing” for America’s greatness. They deserve a commander-in-chief who knows that America–“the greatest force for good the world has ever known–has nothing to apologize for.”

North said America’s “leadership deficit disorder” is also impacting “the people of Ukraine,” that the Ukrainians are “at this very minute paying a terrible price” for Obama’s lack of leadership. 

“We don’t need a head of state who draws phony red lines with a pink crayon.”

North said, “We must show our enemies both here and abroad that we are not just the land of the free, but also the home of the brave.”

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