Ambulances Needed in Kharkiv After Pro-Russians Attack Pro-Ukrainians

Ambulances Needed in Kharkiv After Pro-Russians Attack Pro-Ukrainians

As violence escalates in Sloviansk, ambulances had to rush to Kharkiv’s central square as pro-Russians clashed with pro-Ukrainians.

Earlier in the day, at least three people were severely beaten in Kharkiv around 3 p.m. on April 13 during clashes between Kharkiv supporters of the EuroMaidan Revolution and pro-Russian protesters, according to Glavnoe, a local news website.

At least 5 ambulances have arrived to Khharkiv’s central square. According to some unconfirmed reports from eyewitnesses on the ground, there may be up to seven people injured. Two metro stations were closed in Kharkiv because of the ongoing unrest, reports Mediaport.

The two rallies happened at the same time, but when some of the pro-Ukrainians went to the State Regional Administration building, they were attacked by pro-Russians.

Gunshots and grenade explosions were heard. EuroMaidaners were chased by pro-Russian protesters along Kharkiv’s main street. Those who tried to hide inside the metro were also chased down and beaten. At least three beaten protesters were dragged to the stairs of University Metro Station near Svobody Square where a pro-Russian rally was held.

The video shows three people covered with blood being held on the metro stairs and female pro-Russian activists coming up to them, kicking them and shouting “they are not humans!”

The video was removed by YouTube after it was uploaded. However, a few people were able to screen shot the video and show bloodied pro-Ukrainians.

The situation has not died down and the pro-Russians are now at Kharkiv’s city hall.


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